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Microfilm Scanning Services to overseas service bureaus and BPO’s. Our work draws upon our experience of 30 years in the microfilm world and 15 in the digital world. This provides us with unmatched skills and experience to handle all types of projects, small and large, complex and simple with excellent quality output and quick delivery in short turn-around times.


Archive Writing onto Microfilm from all type of digital files to both 16mm rolls and 35mm rolls. We pre check all images before writing them onto film so that we are sure no incorrect files are recorded. 


Microfilming from Paper we have been doing since the inception in 1985, we have captured over a billion pieces of paper across a range of industries, hotels, manufacturing, financial services, media, archives, libraries, hospital, education, government, shipping and many more.


Scanning from Paper, we have captured huge volumes of documents, mainly in financial services, media, archives, libraries, hospital, defense, education and government. We have undertaken many complex projects with short turn around times.


FUJI Microfilm Medi  is sold and distributed by Patel Microdata in India.


Capture Equipment is marketed in India by Patel MicroData which provides the whole range of products, Archive Writers, Cameras, Processors, Microfilm Scanners, Quality Control Equipment, Duplicators, Etc. Maximize your performance and quality while using less time and labor. Capture images with a fast, reliable scanners while digital technology processes the images in the background for outstanding image quality.


Processing by Microdata is subjected to a full battery of tests as part of the Quality Assurance program. These tests include: Film Writer Quality Control, Methylene Blue Analysis, Processor Quality Control, Fixer Analysis, Duplicate and Physical Quality Monitoring, Scratch Test, Print Film Test, image quality, exposure and resolution tests.

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