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Scanning of Microfilms & Microfiche

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Microfilm Scanning - 35mm US$ 0.060 Per Image & 16mm US$ 0.015 Per Image

Microficihe Scanning - US$ 0.035 Per Image



Terms and Conditions for Scanning of Microfilms/Microfiche:


  • One Roll or 5 Microfiches scanned and scanned images approved will constitute a representative sample of the actual lot provided to us. This will be treated as a reference sample. If any deviation is found a separate quotation will be submitted.

  • Scanning will be done at 300 DPI Bi-tonal. The scanned output delivered will be Tiff or PDF.

  • The Rolls/Microfiches will need to be couriered at the client’s expense to and from our office. Sufficient Rolls/Microfiches will be sent to us at all times to ensure continuous production failing which the idle time will be charged at the rate of Rs. 6,500/- or US$ 100 per day.

  • We suggest all Rolls/Microfiches are sent to us in one go.

  • There will be no image enhancement done other than the output which is delivered by our high speed Scanner. Legible Quality Control of your image will be provided as per sample.

  • Scanned images will be sent on DVDs on weekly basis at the Customer’s expense.

  • Payment Terms: 20% of ADVANCE along with the work order and balance immediately on presenting the invoice on weekly basis. Advance will be adjusted with last couple of invoices.

  • Rolls will be returned to client on approval of scanned images at the clients cost.

  • Taxes are not applicable for sales outside India. For sales within India taxes will be charged at the rate applicable.

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