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Terms & Conditions


Dear Customer,


Thank you for visiting our website.


We have 4 different distinct activities, Microfilm Scanning Services, Archive Writing, Microfilming from Paper, Scanning from Paper & Fuji Microfilm Media. Each of these has its own individual terms & conditions.


Prices given are indicative and may be higher or lower depending on the nature of the work involved. These prices are valid for 1 month from the time you access the website.  


For services, all input material is assumed to be of a standard which does not need much preproduction preparation. If there is substantial preproduction preparation then it would be chargeable. 



For microfilm products there are several products which are available on "SPECIAL PRICING" this changes from time to time so please call us and find out if you need special prices which can be provided for very high volumes of business backed up with firm purchase orders.


Please do let me know if you need any further information.


Best Regards



Mobile: +91 9821029787


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