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Microfilming from Paper

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Microfilming  - 35mm US$ 0.080 Per Image & 16mm US$ 0.022 Per Image



Terms and Conditions for Microfilming of Physical Documents:


  • Your representative will provide the physical documents to our microfilming operator for Microfilming. 

  • Microfilming will be done on EPM rolls.

  • These Microfilmed rolls will be sent to our Mumbai office for processing.

  • In case the original page is in bad condition a small note “Best Copy Available” will be added at the bottom at the time of Microfilming.

  • If the number of pages to be scanned is more than 20,000 we will move our Microfilming equipments to client’s location. If number of pages is less than 20,000 then the pages will have to be sent to our Mumbai office for Microfilming. The expenses of sending the documents to and from our office will have to be borne by the client.

  • In case the number pages are more than 20,000 and the work has to be carried out at clients location following are the on-site resources which will be intimated to you based on the volume of work and the delivery schedule.

  • To ensure smooth functionality of the project our Microfilming operator will be the single point of on-site contact.

  • At any point of time we should have 10,000 loose unbound pages in hand to do the Microfilming. We should have continuous flow of pages for Microfilming.

  • The Price mentioned is exclusive of taxes. Taxes will be extra as applicable.

  • Payment Terms: 40% advance along with work order and balance against invoice raised on monthly basis. The advance amount will be adjusted against the last invoices raised.

  • We will require a minimum time frame of 20 days to transport the equipments and start the work.

  • One Roll of Microfilm will be microfilmed and submitted. This will represent the actual lot. If any deviation is found a separate quotation will be submitted.

  • Sufficient physical documents as mentioned above should be provided for microfilming failing which the idle time will be charged at the rate of Rs. 2,000/- per day.

  • The unbinding and rebinding of bound documents will have to be carried out by you.

  •  We will provide a backup in case there is a technical failure of the equipments.

  • Transportation of rolls to and from our office will have to be borne by the client.

  •  Validity of quote is 15 days.

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