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INFOGUARD Quality Assurance Services
Infoguard Brochure

Quality Assurance


Participating labs are required to comply with all of our comprehensive quality assurance programs. Which means the processing steps—and your images—are closely monitored by the experts at Eastman Park Micrographic’s Quality Assurance Laboratory. This helps guard against process variations so you can get the full value of your film images. Just like Eastman Park Micrograpic’s no-cost Microfilm Disaster Recovery Program, it’s a good reason to place your trust in Imagelink Microfilm.


Disaster Recovery Program


Our Disaster Recovery Program rescues and restores damaged film.  And we will recreate your documents to duplicate a lost or stolen cash letter, overnight, if necessary. If disaster strikes, your phone call to 1-800-352-8378 is all it takes, any time night or day. When you call, the people at the lab will respond quickly to assess your situation and advise you on how to proceed. Personnel and equipment will be scheduled to deal with your microfilm when it arrives.

Depend on Eastman Park Micrographics and Imagelink Microfilm for the disaster recovery program you cannot afford to be without!


Call EPM when you need help.
What if disaster strikes?
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